Sunday, August 7, 2011


YELLO 2 に僕の作品が載りました。







そして、この5枚だけでは足らなかった、もう一つの言葉をBEAMS TからT-shirtで出ることになっています。それが付け加わったとき、初めてのメッセージとして、俺なりのアートとして完了致します。


When I came back from France, I got an offer from this YELLO magazine crew and they asked me 5 pages with Black & White color only. Since I was talking about a huge earthquake and tsunami with 3 other artists in Cannes, and I thought that I had to develop more things that I can do for this calamity...

So, I came up with an idea which people might realize what my drawing is all about when they put all 5 pages in a row and see..... its like a puzzle though..... you see my 5 drawings and think what all these mean and when you figure out what it is, you know what Japanese need to do right now.... I wont tell you since its not gonna be fun at all if i reveal this answer.

Beams T-shirt will be released sooner or later and this t-shirt is also related to this YELLO and after you see what i design, you are able to think, "oh that whats missing!" like a puzzle.

People say, t-shirt design is not an art.... and art book is not a real work.... but conceptually, I think i did a great job for this series. : )